I started as a BMET (biomedical equipment technician) right out of high school. My high school counselor said I was good in math, electronics, etc. and should go into the U.S. Army as a biomed. Sounded good to me! I didn't know what a biomed was and I made it my career.
  • Basic training at Ft. Bliss, Texas
  • USAMEOS 35G training at Fitzsimons
  • First assignment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center
  • Back to USAMEOS for 35S advanced training
  • Assignment to 32nd MEDSOM at Ft Bragg, NC
  • Honorable discharge from the US Army
  • Worked at Eastwood Medical Center in El Paso, Texas as a BMET
  • Moved to North Texas to work at a major medical center as a BMET
  • Obtained CBET in 1991
  • Went into management of biomed
  • Obtained BBA in Business
  • Obtained A+ certification
  • Obtained Microsoft Network certification
  • Obtained MBA
  • ITIL certification (best practice in IT)
  • Obtained CHTM (Certified Healthcare Technology Management)
  • Became HTM Consultant
  • Finished Tales of the Biomed
  • Working on book on How to Become an HTM Consultant
  • Collecting stories for Tales of the Biomed Part Deux
  • Collecting stories for Incredible Tales of the Biomed
  • Collecting stories for Tales of the IT Guy
Below is a picture of the 35 S&T graduating class at Fitzsimons. I am the one with the Groucho Marx glasses.
We all have funny stories we like to tell each other about our career. We also have some incredible heroic stories when we saved the day by our successfully taking care of the medical equipment and the patient. 

Why don't you share those stories with me so we can share them with everyone in our field?

Click on the Contact button on the top right to send me an email with your story idea.
My HTM friends

Dave and Jojo Gonzalez at AAMI Exchange 2019.
Jojo is the AAMI & GE Healthcare's BMET of the Year!
Congratulations Jojo!
​Dave also won the award back in 2008.

Dave and Binseng Wang at AAMI Exchange 2019.
Wait a minute - am I promoting his book?
You can purchase his book at Amazon HERE !

BMES is promoting Tales of the Biomed
Our friends at BMES https://bmesco.com is promoting my book!
Visitors who provide an email on their website will get a chapter or story emailed to them.

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