Sharing stories and pictures with BMETs and CEs.
I am a BMET that loves to tell stories about our field. I have collected stories and pictures from other BMETs and CEs from around the world. I am working on a new book with updated stories of BMETs and CEs. Send me your funny stories. The new book will be titled Tales of the Biomed Part Deux

Our field also has heroes that saved the day while servicing medical equipment. I hope to collect those stories in a new book titled Incredible Tales of the Biomed
The morgue and the newbie

Joe McClain shared this story with me. As you may know most maintenance shops are normally in the basement and of course so is the morgue. I will not tell you the base that we did this because even though it was years ago we don't want anyone to get in trouble. We had a buddy who was the morgue tech and he would let us know when they had a cadaver on the table and call in a repair on the Surgical Light over the table. We would disconnect the power lead in the light under the control panel. We would make sure lights were out and then send in the newest, youngest tech we had with the work order to repair it. We had a hidden camera in the room so we could record the entire repair. We also had a remote CRT so we could see and hear what was going on in real time. You can imagine the reaction of the kid when he first turned on the light to the room. During his repair we would transmit low sounds into the room like soft blowing wind that might come out of a body. The kid was scared and nervous during the entire repair and when we played the video back for the shop afterwards, the laughter was loud and boisterous.
Funny story of the week from Tales of the Biomed book
Thanks again David for the wonderful gift, signed copy of your book, “Tales of the Biomed”. I sat at the airport the day after and wasn’t able to put it down until finished; almost missed my flight as they were already calling my name! 😆 I wonder if the bookstore at the next airport for my layover stop has another David Braeutigam literary masterpiece?
Thank you again fellow AAMI BOTY!!!

JoJo Gonzales, AAMI/GE BMET of the Year 2019 awardee

Picked up a great new book from David Braeutigam at the AAMI Conference. Many of the stories are from the "early days" of the HTM profession. I haven't laughed so hard in quite some time.
Thanks David!

Kelvin Knight

I wanted to share a link to an awesome book written by our very own local biomedical legend David Braeutigam. He is a well known and nationally recognized long term expert in the industry that has dedicated many years of his life to this profession. In the book below he has pieced together many of our very own stories over the years and compiled them into this awesome book. Anyone in this industry would find this book very interesting and humorous. It’s funny the stuff that happens in this profession and it’s great reading about stories from others showing that we all experience the same funny stuff. He is also working on future books and has a way for you to submit your stories from your very own Biomedical adventures and hero stories to potentially be included in future books. Highly recommended read. Well worth the cost of the book. It’s available on Amazon as well. 

Travis Kobernick
Comments from readers
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So far I have designed the ALL IMPORTANT name tag ribbon for your conference badge and a beverage coaster. 

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